A set of engine hatches from a Stamas that have cracks and water damage. We rebuild these hatches before they have to be replaced

1. What we did here is remove the backside of the hatches and cleaned them out and replaced the core with a very dense carbon foam board. More pictures than words.

rotting engine covers

some telltales

core removal

core removal

Prepping for fiberglass repair

This picture shows the hydrolysis damage happening to the fiberglass under the wood core

raw fiberglass

prepared for a new core

core material

fitting the core

fitting the core

fitting the core

prepped for fiberglass

cutting to size

glass under core

cutting out supports

lay up

rounded edges

looks good

both ready

good fit

line up the joints

lots of work

good smooth fit

cutting out the fiberglass

fitting the fiberglass

cabosil the supports over fresh mat

Notice the holes for the handles are solid glass all the way through. That's tough stuff.

cut out the holes for the handles

ready to fiberglass the supports

fiberglass over the supports

gel coat the backsides

repairing the edges

sound deadener

handles installed

weather striping installed

on the boat

Finished product

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