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Here are some proper fiberglass and paint techniques . From building a new hatch out of fiberglass to repairing spider cracks and scratches in the gel coat. Click on the pictures to see more details.

Rebuilding large engine hatches before they have to be replaced

engine hatches

Deep hole in a Sea Rays swim platform

fiberglass damage

Let's fix some gouges and scratches on a Hinkley Yacht


Splintered Fiberglass on a ridged dinghy

Painting deck stripes on the bow of a 35ft Fountain Lightning.


Repairing cracks, leaks and rotten stringers.


Installing a windlass when the hole is to big.


Repairing a tuna door where the hinges corroded through the fiberglass.


Full paint job with Awl Grip.


A proper repair for an impact crack in a hull.


Building a new hatch for a sailboat.

Building a Hatch

Fixing a small rotten floor panel

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