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There are two ways to do any job...

The right way or the wrong way

Chips and scratches are just part of owning a boat. We all know that, but you can control what it looks like after it's repaired. If you choose the right company. We take pride in making mistakes disappear and better yet never come back to haunt you.

Are you satisfied with a dull embarassing boat? Do you like the color?

Here are a few of our services that will help you:

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I use the same type of fiberglass materials from the factory or state-of-the-art composite materials, such as Carbon Fiber and Kevlar.

Yacht and Boat Restoration is our Specialty!

Is your floor getting soft? Are spider cracks growing more legs? Is an old repair rearing its ugly face? Our expertise in paint work and fiberglass repair will keep your vessel shining up to 10 years longer than factory gel coat.

If you have a chip or crack in your gel coat if is imperative that you get them repaired as soon as possible or hydrolysis can occur and it's like a cancer that will moisten the resin under the gel coat. This will cause the vessel to lose value and become a costly event.

The summer is a great time to take advantage of complete restoration. We will comb through every inch of your vessel while you're gone and upgrade or repair everything to better the factory specs by the time you get back~ GUARANTEED! Hurry and sign on.

What would you like to do?

…A complete paint job using AwlGrip?

…Rejuvenate your gel coat?

...Change the color of your hull with an unlimited choice of colors?

A proper fiberglass repair will never show through if it’s done correctly the first time. Unfortunately, many fiberglass and finish technitions have no idea that they’re cheating you because they were never taught the proper way. Their work may look good when it’s finished, but as I have seen too often, it’s the wrong way, and it will show months later.

Additionally, there are a number of painters out there that can produce a great paint job. While it takes a good deal of finesse to make the top coat look presentable, it’s equally, if not more, important to have the vessel properly prepped and the correct undercoating's applied. I will gladly walk you through any repair planned for your boat and explain why it will last.

18 years of service to South West Florida.