This is a small project boat we worked on over the summer of '09. The pictures here are typical for repairing a smaller floor panel.

1. You may not be able to tell but this removable section of the sole is rotted out and spongy with every step.

Old Panel

2. After removing the panel from the floor it was cut open along the edges from the back side with a skill saw and the delaminated glass was peeled back.

rotten panel

3. It's not very often that the core is so easily removed.


4. After scraping out the old rotten wood it is ready for the grinder.

prep time

5. The whole thing (including the edges) has to be ground down to raw "good" glass.

bad glass out

6. Now the new core is cut to size. In this case a plain foam core was used due to the smaller size of the panel. If the panel were any bigger a more dense composite core like coosa or penske would be used.

foam fit

7. The core is laminated into place with the resin mixture called cabosil and weighted down from the back on a flat surface. Like a large piece of glass.


8. Before the hole is cut out the whole backside is laid up with some mat and roven. Then the hole is cut out using the front side for a template.

back side

9. Something I like to do that not many other fiberglassers do is to put a layer of mat against the foam board inside the hole. Even though you can't see this when it's finished it will add years to life of the panel.


10. After the glass is ground off the holes the back side is gel coated and the inserts are installed. Back on the boat with new sealant it is solid and matches the old floor perfectly.