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Fiberglass care and protection

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Don't wait, call right now and I'll give your vessel a FREE evaluation. Contact Shawn now at 239-645-1089, or request service by email at

Can we agree that all of us have different wants and needs. If you'll allow me I would like to learn from you how you want your boat repaired. Do you want to just keep the boat floating? Do want to shine the shine? Perhaps by the envy of your nieghbors.

Let us build a plan together that fits your buget and suits your needs.

An example of the steps for restoring gelcoat is:

  1. All areas of the boat that is sun damaged and dulling will be sanded
  2. Machine buffed with a heavy correction compound
  3. Machine buffed with a medium comound
  4. Machine buffed with Ultra fine polish
  5. Nano sealer put on to protect the investment

Although a restore will give you the optimum finish we provide many options:

Pricing is always unique to the services being rendered and our labor rate is $105.00 per man hour. We do not charge by the foot.