Repairing a hole in a Sea Rays swim platform.

1. Nasty deep impact.

fiberglass damage

2. The damage is into the non-skid and just breaking through the back side (core exposed).


3. Ground back to a non-damaged area.

after grinding

4. Top view.

top view

5. Simply taping the backside is enough for the new fiberglass to stay where it is intended.

Prepped for fiberglass repair

6. Five layers of fiberglass layed against the tape, then a precut piece of foam board with cabosil to fill the voids put over it to take up for the damaged core, then 8 layers of glass put over that. All at once.

raw fiberglass

7. Another angle.

close up

8. After sanding and the raw fiberglass smooth the matched gel coat was sprayed on and polished.

looks like new

9.Then the non-Skid was sprayed on with great care to blend it into rest of the platform. It would be a challenge to find this repair on this boat. Perfect!

Finished product

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