A gorgeous Hinkley getting her rear end upgraded

1. There are a number of damaged areas around the swim platform

2. And the aft edges of the transom

3. I start with sanding the scratches to see how deep they go

4. Then I do my fiberglass repairs and add minor fillers to get an even surface

5. All Smooth

6. Now the areas that went through the glass should be primed with Awl Grips epoxy primer

7. Now the surface needs to be sanded smooth without going through the primer

8. Tape and shoot four coats of Awl Grips flag blue over the damaged areas. Progressively larger with each coat.

9. Shine right out of the gun. To bad it still has to be sanded for blending.

10. Sand like mad with 1500, then 2000, then 2500, then compound buff, then polish buff.

12. Whew!


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